Thursday, August 2, 2012

Please don't take offense if I don't burst with excitement

I had three months to get used to the idea of being pregnant before I made the big announcement, and during that time, I shed tears of joy many times. But now I am blissfully settled into my pregnancy.

I forget that there are a lot of people who have been rooting for my hubby and me during our trials and tribulations through IVF (thank you thank you thank you!) and so when I announce to someone that we are pregnant a lot of people become overjoyed and jump up and down and cry. And cry and cry. And suddenly I feel like I am letting them down if I don't jump up and down and cry, cry, cry (the first time someone reacted like this, Inner B was all, OMG!  They're crying, like, really hard. I have to cry too.  Come on tears. Come on! PLEASE! CRY!!!). But I've done my leaping and crying and at this point I'm just too tired to have that kind of enthusiasm. I mean, it's there, it's just not so raw any more.

So I ask that you do not take offense or over-analyze me, if you feel my reaction to your reaction of my pregnancy is less then ecstatic. I want to be there with you! I was there, it just happened three months ago. And two months ago. And a month ago.

Now I'm settled into a peaceful place and trying to meander through the other part of being pregnant. You know, the part where my body is taken over by an alien being (but a damn cute alien!) and suddenly everything is flipped upside down.

But I am happy. So very happy.

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