Friday, May 24, 2013

Epic boob fail… coming to you LIVE (or the art of breastfeeding in public)

Breastfeeding happens anywhere, any time, in public and private. I am so used to pulling the girls out that it is inevitable that one day I'll give the live version of my birth announcement faux pas. 

Some people find breastfeeding in public offensive. Some people only find it offensive if the mom is indiscreet. This blows my mind. I find no shame in feeding a hungry baby any time she needs me to and I certainly don’t feel I have to cover up to do so. It is one of the most natural and loving things for a woman to do. Mothers should NEVER feel ashamed for doing what is completely natural. I celebrate these women (including moi).

Luckily, most states have gotten on board and support breastfeeding mothers. And if I ever see someone get the stink eye (including myself), I have no problem standing up for our rights (human, civil, and mother).
I've already sent my boob out to everyone I know when I accidentally photo (boob) bombed my birth announcement photo. And now that I’m so used to whipping ‘em out and breastfeeding, I know one day I’ll stand up and walk on down the street, my boob winking at the passersby. People pay good money to see a shot of a naked breast and I'll be giving it away for free!

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