Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet-cute or the story of how a boy and girl met in NYC (and neither of them turned out to be a bunny boiler)

I thought I'd share our meet-cute story during this waiting period. Enjoy the kismet.

A Boy and a Girl are out on the town (separately) in NYC. As the clock strikes three, the Girl gets into a cab with her girlfriend, calling it a night. When the Girl arrives at her apartment, the friend realizes she's left her purse in the cab. The Girl calls her friend's phone for ten minutes but the driver never picks up.

Across town, a Boy walks out of a bar and into a cab. As he climbs in, the floor of the cab begins to ring. He reaches down and picks up a purse, pulling out the phone. He answers it.

The Girl is relieved to finally hear a voice on the other end of the line and her interest is peaked by his yummy Australian accent. The Girl asks to meet to get the phone back but as it is 3:30am he tells them to come by his place in SoHo in the morning to pick up the purse and phone.

The Boy hangs up, liking the sound of the young Girl's voice down the line. He may even wake up a few minutes early to shower before she arrives in the morning.

The next day, the Girl and her friend make their way to his apartment and the girl has one question on her mind, will his face and bod be as hot as his voice??? Not taking any chances, the Girl puts a little more effort into her appearance. When she arrives, the Boy opens his door and it is love (er... make that lust) at first sight. He asks her out that very night and the rest is history.

The date was January 26, 2003 (coincidentally, Australia Day, which means hubby never forgets the anniversary!).


  1. How sweet! So happy for you. :)
    P.S. ...and jealous that you get to listen to that accent all the time!

  2. they say are just story but you are mine real story. that is a beautiful one