Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby showers & booze

This weekend I had my baby shower, filled with lots of friends, lots of fun, and yes, lots of presents.
A friend of mine asked me if I served alcohol at the shower. I did. I served champagne and mimosas. I guess there are some girls who won’t serve booze because if they can’t have some, then no one can.
Wow. That shocks me. I mean, if it was against my religion or something, I can understand it. But to deny your guests just because you’re not drinking? That’s just not copacetic.
party favor 
Baby showers aren’t fun for everyone. I know. Not too long ago a baby shower meant heartbreak for me. And baby showers aren’t just hard on fertility-challenged women but some single gals, too.  It’s not all about me. No, not even my own baby shower. And I will not deny my guests just because I’m not drinking.
If you don’t have kids (and even if you do), it’s only fun for so long to listen to conversations about nipple pads, dirty diapers, and all things motherhood.
In fact, I was originally going to incorporate a drinking baby shower game (baby bottles filled with beer- whoever chugs the fastest wins!) but in the end I went with baby bingo. And a nursery rhyme game. And a game of old wives tales. And… oh, wow, those sound so lame as I write them down… maybe I should of done the drinking game!  
All in all, the shower was wonderful (thanks momma!!) and I was surrounded by my loving friends and family and that’s what matters. But I have not forgotten where I was only seven months ago. Struggling to conceive. 
I have not forgotten you ladies, those who are still trying. Those who feel heartbroken and lost and frustrated, not knowing if it will ever be you.
And I will always be there for you with a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, and a bottle of champagne to pop your misery into. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

That Depends

A ninety-year-old lady has taken over my body!

I waddle when I walk.

My back aches.

I wake up and pee all through the night.

I groan when I stand-up.

I cart a back pillow around where ever I go. 

And the other day, I sneezed and peed myself a little. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sex and sugar

The number one question I’m asked by women regarding pregnancy is: What food do I crave?

And the answer is sugar!  Or at least it was before I found the cure for my sugar cravings.

Before pregnancy I’d honed my eating habits so that I craved mainly healthy foods. I did not deprive myself of the sugary good stuff but my only true cravings for it were when I was bored, PMSing, or pumpkin pie came within my sight line.

I was not happy about my new cravings because I did not want to become a big, fat heifer and form a new habit that would be near impossible to break once a baby came into the picture, so I consulted my doctor, midwife, and acupuncturist and they all said the same thing, my body needs energy and it needs it now!

My body isn’t stupid. It wants instant gratification and sugar gives me energy, fast!

The cure: protein.

I added protein into most meals and the sugar cravings disappeared (b/c the energy in protein will sustain me longer and I'll no longer need a quick energy boost). Woohoo! That doesn’t mean I never, ever crave sugar! So don’t crucify me if you see my scarfing down a triple fudge brownie sundae. I’m still a pregnant woman with hormones running through every pore of my body.

A peek behind the curtain
The number one question men ask me about pregnancy: how often do hubby and I have sex?

Yes, men are very curious to know about pregnant women and sex. I should mention the men that ask this question are not parents.  So let’s talk about sex.

Yes, we have sex. No, not as often as we did before pregnancy.

The first trimester was a bit dry because of the fertility medicine I was on (progesterone). That stuff is nasty. I won’t go into details but let’s just say no woman would want her man traveling below the border when on this stuff. But that doesn’t mean the well was dry. There were other ways to satisfy.

During the second trimester, most books say pregnant women become sex machines. They just can't get enough. I experienced an increase but nothing too crazy. My sex drive was pretty damn good before pregnancy so I'm not complaining. It basically stayed the same.

But I ain’t gonna lie. The growing belly gets in the way and doesn't exactly scream sexy. The whole feeling like a mother while trying to be a sex kitten can be a buzz kill. That's when a copy of The Joy of Pregnant Sex comes in handy (yes, this book does exist). 

I have no idea how my husband really feels about my changing body (except the boobs. He loves that the girls are blowing up!) but he’s a man, so I feel secure in saying that he’s just happy to get some.

The most interesting question I had put forth to me regarding sex was from one of my husband’s good friends, who asked, “I hear pregnant women are really horny and want to jump all their husband’s friends. Is that true?”

To which I answered, “Only the ones I wanted to jump before I was pregnant.”