Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting lucky

I have to pee on a stick to test when I'm ovulating. If one line appears on the stick, it means I am not ovulating, if there are two lines, it means I am ovulating, i.e it's time to make whoopy! I have to do this test several times a month and I feel a few adjustments should be made to bring a little joy into the not-so-sexy test (i mean, really- how sexy does it feel to shove a stick in your pee).

If I ran the world:
Instead of two lines to indicate a positive test, I'm thinking a smiley face, thumbs up, or the words "you're getting lucky tonight!" should appear. Concurrently, an audio message should be sent automatically to my husband's phone that plays Let's Get it On.
(other song options: I Want Your Sex, Sexual Healing, You Shook Me All Night).