Friday, July 6, 2012

"A Baby Story" obsession

I have rediscovered TLC's A Baby Story. I was first introduced to this show back in my college days (no I have not been pining for a baby since then, I just have a morbid curiosity with women in labor). When I tune in, I only half-watch until they get into the labor room and then I am riveted. I can not look away. Those screaming, sweaty women are my Desperate Housewives.

From this...
If any of them end up going in for a C-section (which a lot seem to do and the stats in the US are actually quite shocking, but, I digress), I fast-forward. There's nothing magical about a doped up woman seeing her bloody baby for the first time. She barely realizes what's happened and the baby is whisked away. Actually that seems to happen in all of them (except the home births). this.
But the best moments are the women who have gone through a grueling labor and suddenly this baby pops out (well, not quite "pops", more like shoved, pushed, and man-handled out) and the woman is so relieved. Watching that rush of joy is addictive. Wait! I just had an ah-ha moment (be proud Oprah)! This is the moment I'm addicted to! When the mother holds her baby for the first time, her look of euphoria is mesmerizing. But it takes the struggle of labor to make it worth it.

At least, that's what I saw now, as I sit on my comfy couch and watch these women scream and curse at their husbands before the miracle. I have a feeling it will be a very different experience when I'm the one strapped down to the table shoving the kid out!

But I can't wait.

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  1. I love those shows too, especially that moment of relief and joy when it's all over. You're right it's great! Hey I couldn't help but notice today is two weeks from your post about patients (I have none). Did u test? I'm rooting for u!